Zara Harris Occupational Therapist Illustration, Part 1 Zara Harris Occupational Therapist Illustration, Part 1
In July 2017, Zara Harris is relocating her practice
to the Washington D.C. metro area.
She still welcomes reference requests from her previous locations in Paris and Fayetteville.

Zara Harris is an Anglo/American cccupational therapist with 30-plus years experience in International Schools on three continents. She understands the special needs of today's mobile families and can help students (K — 12) struggling with handwriting, homework, attention, time management and organization.

Training for Educators and Families
on learning differences including:

  • AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder — sometimes called Dyspraxia)
  • LD (Learning Disabilities)
  • Asperger's and Non Verbal Learning Disorders
  • Sensory and/or Motor Delays

Therapy for Individuals or Small Groups following:

  • Observation in the challenging environment (home/school)
  • Evaluation using up-to-date standardized tools
  • Treatment planning with parents and teachers
  • Therapy provided at the point of performance in-home or at schools