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Frequently Asked Questions

Who prints and ships my order?

All products sold by Graphics Without Borders or are manufactured by, one of the world’s largest print-on-demand art marketplaces. When you custom order a piece of my artwork, it is printed from scratch to your size and finish specifications and then shipped directly to you. has 14 different global production facilities in five countries. That means your order will automatically be routed to and fulfilled by a facility that will provide you with the most cost-effective options and speediest delivery.

Furthermore, Pixels has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not pleased with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. All the details can be found here

CM vs Inches? Dollars vs Euro? What's Up?

My online store uses your IP address to make a few guesses about your preferences. For example, if you’re visiting my website from Germany, it will assume you want to see sizes in centimeters and prices in Euro.

Like all assumptions, that might be wrong. It’s easy to switch between centimeters and inches or between Euro and dollars. Just go to the BOTTOM (or footer) of any page on my shop and you can change your preferences.

Do you ship to APO and Military Addresses?

You bet.

In fact if you’re overseas and have access to an APO, I highly recommend you choose this option for your shipping. Your order will be fulfilled in the U.S. and shipped to your APO. It might take a few extra days, but you’ll save A LOT on shipping as opposed to having the art printed at a European facility and shipped to your local address. You may need to change your currency and unit preferences, because they will default to your European location based on your IP. See the FAQ topic above for instructions.

Your shop doesn't like my European address! What gives?

One of the few drawbacks to using to fulfill orders is that their servers are sometimes vexed by non-English alphabetic characters. For example, any German “Straße” is going to cause problems with that “ß.”

No need to change addresses! Simply replace ß with ‘ss.’ Likewise, skip the umlauts and the accent marks.

I’ve never had a package get misdirected because of this little glitch.

What about VAT for European orders?

VAT (Value Added Tax) will be added automatically to any orders being produced in or shipped to European countries. This tax, however, is being collected by and goes directly to the company that prints and delivers my products.

Graphics Without Borders (and does not charge any additional VAT because of an exemption for small business entrepreneurs (German VAT Code section § 19 UStG).

Does Graphics Without Borders sell anything other than posters?


Many of the designs in my shop can be ordered on T-shirts, tote bags, etc. Please scroll through and check out all the options.

If you would like one of my designs on something you can’t find in one of my stores, please e-mail me via on my Contact form  And I’ll see what I can do.

What are your Privacy policies? Terms and Conditions?

This site strives to protect all data it collects or requests from users. It complies with the GDPR (a law requiring personal data protection and privacy for users in the European Union). Some information that is voluntarily provided by users, like names, addresses and payment information, is passed to third party partners that specialize in securely processing payments (like PayPal and Stripe) or who are responsible for the fulfillment and delivery of product orders (like Printful).

Please follow this link for a full outline of this site’s Privacy Policy.

Please follow this link for a full outline of this site’s Terms and Conditions.

The policy of, the company that prints and ships my designs, can be found here.